What We Do

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine uses a method of diagnosis specifically designed to identify, treat, and prevent chronic illnesses.  This method is done by focusing on the underlying cause of the condition which allows for the treatment of the actual cause and not the symptoms.  We integrate each patient's history, laboratory studies, and lifestyle factors to customize effective and personalized treatment plans for their care.  Our methods treat the entire person by combining nutrition, detoxification, fitness, hormonal balance and education to achieve our goals.  We help our patients implement lifestyle change through our mentoring techniques.  Our use of this sophisticated diagnosis and treatment model leads to dramatically improved outcomes and has proven to be a powerful approach to prevention and reversal of disease.

How do I learn more?

Please contact our office to register for our free monthly seminar.  Space is limited.  Contact us directly at (248) 569-8420.

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These are some of our actual patients sharing stories about how our program has changed their lives.  

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We have been asked to work with the "B-Healthy Project" to help bring our message of how effective lifestyle change and health education will transform the lives of students and their families.